If you don’t already know, the hot new journalistic property is The American, the American Enterprise Institute’s dramatically revamped magazine. Under the editorship of James K. Glassman, it’s as beautifully presented as Fortune in its heyday. The articles are well-written and counterintuitive, exuding optimism and iconoclasm (optimism by journalists about U.S. capitalism is iconoclasm today!).

In the current issue, you’ll find many interesting departures from clichéd economic reporting such as a piece entitled “The Upside of Income Inequality:” the article shows that income equality stems from the increase in the number of people going to college and the rise in earning power of women. That’s bad? Those of us who aren’t buying the corn on ethanol might enjoy a piece on “The Bio-fuels Bubble?”

A piece on white collar prisons (they aren’t what they used to be-so behave) has already been humorlessly critiqued in the Washington Post-a sign that The American has arrived