“An Afghan journalist was shot dead by unknown gunmen in her home north of Kabul on Tuesday night as she slept beside her 10-month-old baby, Afghan officials said Wednesday.

The journalist, Zakia Zaki, 38, was the director of a private local radio station in Jabal-us-Siraj, an hour’s drive north of the capital, Kabul. She was shot seven times…

Ms. Zaki, the mother of six children, had been receiving threats for the last few months demanding that she take the station off the air, Mr. Taqwa said. The nature of the threats was unclear, but she had been involved in women’s rights advocacy and political activity.

Ms. Zaki was killed just six days after a reporter and anchorwoman on a private television station in Kabul was shot and killed in her house.

The television reporter, Shekiba Sanga Amaaj, 22, was killed in her home after she returned from work.

The motivation for the killing is not known, her father, Mohammad Rabi Amaaj, said in an interview.”

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