“A hardline Iranian daily Monday launched an attack on former reformist president Mohammad Khatami who it said had publicly shaken hands with women while on a visit to Italy last month.

‘Recently a video has been circulating on the Internet showing a former top official visiting Italy, shaking the hands with several women and young girls,’ said the Siasat-e Rouz daily, one of Iran’s most ultraconservative papers.

‘We do not want to publish the address of the Internet site where this film can be seen, in order to avoid propagating corruption in society,’ it added.

According to Islam’s Sharia law, it is forbidden for a man to have any physical contact with a woman to whom he is not related. Pictures circulating on the Internet show Khatami shaking hands with several female tourists.

Even Iran’s conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was accused of ‘indecency’ in the hardline press last month after he publicly embraced and kissed on the hand an elderly woman who used to be his schoolteacher.”

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