Washington, D.C.– The Independent Women’s Forum argues that the Renewable Fuels, Consumer Protection, and Energy Efficient Act of 2007, which has been introduced before the U.S. Senate (S. 1419), is the wrong direction for American energy policy.

Along with promoting more research on bio-fuels, the bill proposes costly, draconian regulations and includes a provision that would allow the president to declare “a temporary national energy emergency which triggers a prohibition on price gouging punishable by federal penalties.”

While some on Capitol Hill blame high fuel prices as the result of “gouging” by energy companies, this has by no means been established as a fact. Economics columnist Robert Samuelson, noted that it is “always fun to blame unpopular occurrences on corporate greed.”

If passed, this legislation would be an overbearing intrusion into the energy market, and could make energy more scarce in times of emergency. Opponents of the legislation have noted that the Senate hasn’t considered such sweeping government intervention since the Carter administration which brought about fuel shortages and gas lines. The legislation is also seen by many as the prelude to a major tax bill on the energy industry later this summer or fall.

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