Midst the flood of commentary on Hillary Clinton’s suitability for the presidency, the views on the matter of Dick Morris – who has known her long and well – are especially perspicacious.

In a far-ranging speech delivered at an event hosted by David Horowitz, Morris held forth on why Hillary would make a “horrible” president.

She disdains popularity, he said, other than as a vehicle for getting elected, and she is “in politics because of a deeply seated ideological point of view that she believes is right.” She is quite willing, therefore, to take actions that differ radically from what the public really wishes.

Beneath all her “phoniness” and “insincerity,” Morris sees in Hillary “the closest thing we have to a European socialist,” noting:

We spend about 33% of our gross domestic product on state, local and federal government. Britain spends about 39 or 40%. France spends 48%, Germany 51%, Sweden 55%. And Hillary would like us to move into the high 40s and the low 50s. And she’d like that to fund free higher education, free healthcare, free daycare, free extra nutrition, more food stamps, more welfare; the whole bit…She will not just raise taxes because of the deficit. She will not just raise taxes to fund ambitious social spending. She’ll raise taxes to redistribute [even more] income.

If given the chance to implement her socialist vision, Hillary will destroy the cornucopia of U.S. economic growth. She

will dry up the job creation, the economic force vital, that animates the growth in the American economy and leave us with what Western Europe has. Since 1980, 80% of the jobs that have been created in the…industrialized world…were created in the United States…And the reason is that we have this incredibly low tax cut rate; lower thanks to Bush.

Hillary knows well, Morris remarks, that she will lose if the public catches on to who she really is, and thus

she develops these many masks that she puts on — the mask of moderation, the mask of being just a normal working mother, the mask of being a feminist. This woman never accomplished anything; her husband handed it to her.

At length Morris illustrates how Hillary will distort and fabricate stories in order to project such images of herself. In essence, she “fakes” such connections with people, because she cannot summon  – “generate” – them from within herself.

In sum, if Hillary becomes president, she will “combine that radical liberalism with a Nixonian feeling about means and ends.” And why?

Because Hillary believes she is the last good person on earth. Because Hillary believes that everybody who opposes her programs is doing so out of selfish greed; that they want to keep their money and soak the poor. Because she believes that she’s the only one that has the courage to stand up and speak out for the needs of women and children, and re-jiggle our tax structure to completely turn around our national priorities. And because she believes that about herself, she believes anything is okay to achieve her ends.

Because Hillary believes the means justify the ends, she was willing to

hire private detectives to snoop on her husband, to find the names of all the women he’s been involved with; not for the purpose of confronting him or divorcing him or reforming him, but for the purpose of blackmailing the women into silence so he can get elected President, and she can go along as First Lady…

One can but concur with Morris’s conclusion: This is not the kind of woman we want “controlling the FBI and the CIA and the DEA and the IRS and the FBI.” He is right that it is at our peril that we fail to comprehend Hillary’s true identity behind her masks. He is right that we must unite and oppose her bid to impose her ideology on the country.