Inkwell noted (immediately below) a Christian Science Monitor op-ed claiming that the terrorists are winning the media battle. For another bleak assessment of our situation vis a vis radical Islam,  Tony Blankley writes about his friend, a moderate Muslim, Professor Akbar Ahmed’s new book, “Journey into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization:”

“His conclusion: Due to both misjudgments by the United States and regrettable developments in Muslim attitudes, ‘The poisons are spreading so rapidly that without immediate remedial action, no antidote may ever be found.’ And Dr. Ahmed has always been an optimist. …

“Although I dissent from several of Dr. Ahmed’s characterizations of the Bush Administration, Washington policymakers and journalists should read this book because it delivers a terrible message of warning both to those who say things aren’t as bad as Bush says, and we can rely on the moderate voices of Islam — with a little assist from the West — winning; and for those who argue for aggressive American action to show our strength to the Muslims (because, in Bin Laden’s words, they follow the strong horse).

“To the first group he says that the ‘moderate’ voice is in near hopeless retreat across the Muslim world. Don’t count on them. To the second group he says, whatever Bush’s intentions, our aggression only strengthens our enemies.

“I think he knows his solution is forlorn: “Although the planet’s societies are running against time … [we must] transcend race, tribe and religion and cherish our common humanity, every individual must become the message.” Let us pray.

“But for those of us who don’t expect the milk of human kindness to suddenly start flowing, it behooves us to read Professor Ahmed’s honest assessment of the real state of Muslim world attitudes and coldly re-assess our various policy prescriptions in its light.

“These are grim times, but we must resist indulging ourselves in hopeful fantasies.”