A story in today’s Washington Post reports that voucher students show “few” gains on test scores. Sound dreary? Unlike vouchers foe Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who called this “a failing grade,” I’d say “a few” gains in the first year isn’t bad. I’m not alone in this assessment:

“Former D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) and former Ward 7 D.C. Council member Kevin P. Cavous, early advocates of the program, reiterated their support.

“‘We welcome the release of this ‘early look’ at the program’s performance,’ they said in a statement signed by community and business leaders. ‘Although these findings reflect just seven months of schooling — typically far too short a time period to see any significant academic progress — there is an early indication of gains in math, particularly for students who had less academic ground to make up.'”

The article also quotes parents-and who should know better?-praising the voucher program. Do read the whole article-there’s more to it than the negative headline.