I love the idea of a dual apology-to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II (of England, Scotland, and Ireland…) and Annie Liebowitz! But the BBC, which issued the apology, isn’t laughing. The Beeb switches film sequences to portray Her Majesty pitching a hissy fit. Melanie Phillips writes:

“The BBC’s trustees have asked the Director General Mark Thompson to explain what the hell went on here. Small wonder.The significance of this can scarcely be exaggerated. The BBC has a world-wide reputation for integrity and truth-telling. Suddenly it is revealed to be deliberately manipulating its images to dupe the public. At a stroke, the trust it engenders has been shattered. And over the Queen, of all people!

“If it transposes a picture sequence like this to sex up a story about the Queen by transmitting an outright falsehood, just think what it is doing in the Middle East.”