We hosted our annual sex and dating luncheon for Hill interns yesterday with Dr. Drew Pinsky speaking and our own campus director Allison Kasic in charge. Both were, as they say, awesome.

We appreciated it that Dr. Drew, our favorite crew cut guy, talked about the pioneering work the IWF has done on the hooking-up culture, including our ground-breaking study, “Hooking Up, Hanging Out, and Hoping for Mr. Right-College Women on Mating and Dating Today.”

We also thought that the Washington Examiner did such an excellent job in getting us that we want to print their item in full:

“Oh, those Washington interns … they always seem to need just a little bit of help, don’t they? And the only thing flying higher than their expectations? Their hormones.

“On Monday, it was Dr. Drew Pinsky, the ‘Loveline’ sexpert, who took to Capitol Hill to teach thoseyounguns a thing or two about the birds and the bees.

“The good doctor took part in the fifth annual Independent Women’s Forum Campus Sex and Dating Conference and held a Q&A session with young professionals on relationships and hooking up. And he brought the sober news about drunken hookups (Cap Lounge regulars: Listen up).

“‘There’s never a relationship, and it’s always while intoxicated,’ Pinsky said about what casual campus flings look like in those close-quartered environments. ‘Many guys’ philosophy is along the lines of ‘juice ’em up and go.’ ‘

“Not surprisingly, Pinsky’s blunt assessment left many men in the audience nervously shifting in their seats, and Pinsky didn’t relent.

“‘Why is it that you have to be [messed] up, guys?’ Pinsky asked the embarrassed males in the audience.

“One brave intern raised his hand.

“‘The deniability of our actions,’ he said in a roomful of glaring women, who clearly didn’t appreciate the intern’s honesty.

“Dr. Drew also had some words for the MySpace crowd, telling Yeas & Nays: ‘Electronic interaction is pseudo-intimacy.'”

The Washington Post’s report on our event was racier! We were amused by it, too, though it might be the Examiner’s take that you’ll want to send home to your mother.