The reviews for our campus sex and dating conference keep rolling in.  Michael O’Brien’s piece over at National Review Online is a must read.  He sums up the need for the conference nicely:

“It’s a necessary recognition that the latest generation of young people, even its conservatives, needs to be engaged more on its own terms. By providing a forum that bore out a fact that many college students are loath to admit – that the culture of hookups is an unhealthy and a cause of self-inflicted anguish – the IWF event advanced a cultural agenda in a substantial and important way.”

Plus, he gets bonus points in my book for quoting a Rilo Kiley song in the article. Read the whole article here.

Over on the IWF campus corner, one of our fabulous summer junior fellows, Elise Viebeck provides a good re-cap of the event.  Read her article here.

And, over at Human Events Online today, I provide my own re-cap of the event and talk about the importance of opening a dialogue on issues surrounding sex and dating.  My article is available here.