I am posting a Howard Kurtz article from Saturday (“Bloggers Raise Red Flags over New Republic’s ‘Baghdad Diarist'”). You can get the gist of what kind of diary it is from Kurtz’s lead:

“The column in the New Republic, described as being penned by a U.S. soldier in Iraq, is filled with tales of petty, stomach-churning behavior.

“The ‘Baghdad Diarist,’ writing under the pseudonym Scott Thomas, says he was ‘shocked by my own cruelty’ as he recounts soldiers getting their kicks by running over dogs with Bradley Fighting Vehicles and playing with Iraqi children’s skulls taken from a mass grave.”

Bloggers are claiming that the diary is a hoax and that the liberal magazine has been had.

If I had to guess, I’d predict that the New Republic will end up waving the white flag.

What I regard as sacrifice for your country (serving in the military, which may include killing people in battle), liberals regard as murder and thus corrupting. That is why the editors of the New Republic may have failed to spot a fabrication. They believe that those we send to defend us inevitably become corrupt.