On August 27th we’ll be over at the George Washington University hosting a bipartisan energy summit.  It’s sure to be a fabulous time and I hope you’ll be able to join us. Hosted by ABC’s John Stossel, “Energy Today, Energy Tomorrow,” will be a 90-minute town hall session designed for policy makers and ordinary citizens alike.

Many of us gained first-hand knowledge of high gasoline prices this summer. The energy summit will focus on three central questions in energy policy: What should be done about high and volatile gas prices? Can renewable fuels provide cost-effective alternatives? If climate-change is man-made, does it require stiffer governmental regulation?

As with all planned IWF summits, we will present speakers from both sides of the political aisle. Confirmed speakers as of today are: Dr. Margo Thorning, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, American Council for Capital Formation; Samantha Slater, Director of Congressional and Regulatory Affairs, Renewable Fuels Association; and Guy Caruso, Administrator, Energy Information Administration.

More information is available here.