The New Republic’s “Baghdad Diarist” has outted himself-he is Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp, a member of Alpha Company, 1/18 Infantry, Second Brigade Combat Team, First Infantry Division. He doesn’t mention in his note to TNR readers that he has a blog, Sir Real Thomas (more in a second). Oh, yes, and TNR is checking his stories, but it’s hard-what with the soldiers’ combat duty and all.

Jack Kelly at Real Clear Politics says it’ll be better for Pvt. Beauchamp if his New Republic stories turn out to be fabrications:

“It would be better for Pvt. Beauchamp if he made his stories up. It breaks no military rule to BS gullible liberal journalists. But if Pvt. Beauchamp is telling the truth, he and his buddies have broken so many articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that I haven’t space to list them all.”

I haven’t had time to conduct a study of Pvt. Beaucham’s blog-the aforementioned Sir Real Thomas. But he seems like quite a guy.

Sir Real Scott Thomas on medic training in an item headlined “Ill Suck the Poison from your Butt and Spit it in Your Eye”: He says he’ll check for internal bleeding by “swiping my hand across your anus.”

Can it be characterized as an anti-war blog? I think so, but need to read further. So far, I’ve perused a long quote from Dick Cheney followed by Sir Real’s comments on “silly Republicans” and the observation that he and his friends at war “laugh harder” at C-Span than Comedy Central.

So far I can say only one thing for sure: Just don’t let this guy be my medic!