One of the ways you can tell that the center isn’t holding is by looking at the names people bestow on innocent children. Some names betoken a break with civilization as we know it. Some are borderline sadistic: 

“Another trend is for misspellings. When it was reported in 2005 that three Barnsley sisters aged 12 to 16 had given birth to children named Amani, T-Jay and Lita, horror at their condition was mixed with bewilderment – surely she meant Armani?

“But names are being deliberately misspelt because, for a life without hope or faith, fame and individuality are the highest aspirations. Why call a child Magic when “Magick” will get her more attention? Why opt for the relatively common Mercedes when you can choose Mercydeez? Likewise Chelsie, Chelseigh, Cortnee, Cortnie and Soozie (all real names) are the naming equivalent of Japanese script tattoos – a mark of individuality.

“The problem is that the poor cannot afford to emulate the famous in their naming patterns any more than in their lifestyles. Celebrity children have money and education, and, with the latter, can always choose to become, as Zowie Bowie did, plain old Duncan Jones. But for the Chelsies and Mercydeezs of this world, their names will inevitably ensure that they never get to live in the area or drive the car after which they are misnamed. 4Real Wheaton certainly had a lucky escape.”