“Many Americans now despise Bush [because of Iraq]. Nevertheless, Americans are still loathe to admit defeat. This is precisely what distinguishes Europeans from Americans… The Americans favor the power of force, even in its crudest form, which explains why the U.S. military might is so superior to that of all other nations.”

This is from an article in Der Spiegel, Germany’s most influential magazine. It is quoted at length by Tony Blankley this morning. I hope it is correct in its assessment of the American character because it holds out hope that we can survive the perils that beset us.

Blankley goes on to say:

“We see evidence that the Democrats are beginning to appreciate the truth of the above description. The New York Times has suddenly started counseling caution about any sudden departure from Iraq. Sen. Barack Obama’s steroid-enhanced rhetoric now has him calling – Rambo-like – for possible pre-emptive war against Pakistan. Sen. Hillary Clinton announces that she might use nuclear weapons against terrorists (I hope she doesn’t find the terrorists in New York, where one of my sons lives, or London, my hometown). The Democratic congressional leaders quickly passed President Bush’s requested FISA electronic intercepts authority.”