Have you been reading the shocking stories of farmers who are dead but have continued to receive farm subsidies? One dead fella received $400,000!

“And they say you can’t take it with you,” writes John Stossel.

“Defending the USDA, the GAO adds, ‘The complex nature of some farming operations — such as entities embedded within other entities — can make it difficult for USDA to avoid making payments to deceased individuals.’

“Exactly. The agricultural section of the U.S. code is nearly 1,800 pages.

“There’s an easy way to avoid such absurdities: Abolish all farm subsidies.”

Note to Webmaster: Is it possible to block this blog item in my dearly beloved native state of Mississippi? I grew up with rugged individualists…who love farm subsidies. One argument I’ve heard is that farming as we know it could not survive without subsidies. Ergo, we the taxpayer prop up a system that, according to its own practitioners, could not make it alone.