The 2008 presidential election may present an opportunity for the candidate who is able to see that (as we say at the IWF) all issues are women’s issues. Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, Kimberley A. Strassel has some thoughts on the all-important women’s vote:

“The Democrats’ own views of what counts for ‘women’s issues’ are stuck back in the disco days, about the time Ms. Clinton came of political age. Under the title ‘A Champion for Women,’ the New York senator’s Web site promises the usual tired litany of ‘equal pay’ and a ‘woman’s right to choose.’ Mr. Richardson pitches a new government handout for women on ‘family leave’ and waxes nostalgic for the Equal Rights Amendment. Give these Boomers some bell bottoms and ‘The Female Eunuch,’ and they’d feel right at home. Polls show Ms. Clinton today gets her best female support from women her age and up.

“The rest of the female population has migrated into 2007. …”