By the looks of today’s Wall Street Journal, college orientation is even worse than it used to be:

“At Princeton, the freshman class must attend ‘Sex on a Saturday Night’ (SoSN) during its first week. It’s a university-organized, student-performed play designed to warn about sexual assault and alcohol abuse. Many schools have similar programs. Its noble intentions are overshadowed, however, by a deleterious message: College is time to get busy (and not just in the library)!

“SoSN revolves around Joe, a bookish upperclassmen, who is egged on by his peers to ‘score big’ on his first date with Frances, a naïve freshman. Armed with condoms and the keys to an isolated lovepad on campus, he sets out. The play then turns to their sex-crazed friends, who spend their Saturday plotting about hooking up. Meanwhile, Joe and Frances get very drunk. She passes out and he, on the brink of a blackout, has sex with her on a coatroom floor. The next morning, in a poignant scene, Joe realizes he committed date rape.

“If SoSN were only about preventing sexual assault, it would be a positive contribution to freshman year. But that’s not its underlying lesson. The play spends much of its time glorifying the hook-up culture, and through crude jokes and jejune stereotypes, drowning out the message about rape. Every one of the play’s 10 characters (including one gay couple) is sexually active, save for the token abstainer, who comes off as hokey (and owns a copy of Playboy).”

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