National Review has some commentary on last night’s GOP debate. Mona Charen on the low point:

“The most memorable part of last night’s debate was the colloquy between Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. (And speaking of Paul, who needs the Daily Kos when you have a libertarian of this stripe?) Huckabee strove to defend the United States and to deny that the Iraq war could be laid at the feet only of the “neocons” and George Bush. But however admirable Huckabee’s intentions, the upshot was that the liveliest moment of the debate concerned two Republicans arguing about how to regard the ‘mistake’ of going into Iraq.

“This comes just as General Petraeus is about to report on progress in Iraq and just when it appears that the new troops and the new strategy are finally turning the tide.”

Kate O’Beirne noted high points (and one MIA):

“The three at the top appeared to be confident, likable, and conversant with the issues. They have clearly benefited by being active campaigners for the past months (Romney has done 462 events in Iowa and New Hampshire alone?!). I have thought that Fred Thompson should have joined them last evening, but maybe his newbie status would have been obvious?”