Amid speculation over whether Al Gore will win the Nobel Prize, the New York Sun has put forward a better nominee, a man who really has fought to bring peace to this world: General David Petraeus:  

“It is true that General Petraeus doesn’t seem to hate President Bush, which in recent years has seemed to be one of the pre-requisites for winning the prize. He hasn’t bribed the dictator of North Korea, as had the 2000 winner, Kim Dae Jong. Nor did General Petraeus ever head a terrorist organization as did the 1994 co-winner of the prize, Yasser Arafat. Neither, for that matter, did Mr. Petraeus idle as the first wave of Islamo-fascism swept through Iran, as did the prize recipient in 2002, President Carter. General Petraeus today is not doing his best to stave off international sanctions on the Iranians for building an A-Bomb as is the 2005 winner, Mohamed ElBaradei.

“No, General Petraeus is just trying to save the nation of Iraq from the competing death cults of fanatical Shiism and fanatical Sunnism. He has already achieved something that had eluded his predecessors in command – he’s winning a war against Al Qaeda, working with local tribes toward preventing a confessional civil war from escalating and protecting whole neighborhoods in Baghdad from ethnic cleansers. His accomplishments make the commander of multinational forces in Iraq uniquely qualified for a prize given in the name of peace, and now would be the time to salvage the real legacy of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite so horrified by his invention that he created an international peace prize with the profits he reaped from it.”