Sick of the trashy antics of J-Lo, Lindsay, Britney and all the Hollywood sex kittens who ooze uncouthness? 

An obituary of Deborah Kerr-whom you may remember opposite Yul Bryner in “The King and I”-talks about a kind of sexuality that eludes the public persona of, say, K-Fed and Britney:

“[H]er type of refined sensuality proved refreshingly attractive, since it hinted at hidden desires and forbidden feelings, giving her acting an extra edge and interest.

“If she still looked more at ease on screen as a nun than as a nymphomaniac, or as a governess rather than a seductress, Deborah Kerr loved to hint at what she called “banked fires”, the volcano steaming away beneath the ice cap. And though she used merrily to deny that in younger days she had tried to seduce one of her old co-stars, Stewart Granger, in the back of a London cab (as he asserted in his autobiography), it was the contrast between her very British gentility and her sexual vulnerability that often gave her screen persona its savour.”

Banked fires. Hidden desires. What can you say? It was a more interesting time.