Former IWF junior fellow, Arrah Nielsen, has a great piece on our campus homepage about yet another feminist-created holiday: Love Your Body Day. How does one celebrate Love Your Body Day? Arrah explains:

To celebrate you can play body-image boosting computer games like “Feed the Model” on, rail about the virtues of being a “thick chick,” and listen to testimonials from women who do not like their thighs.

The ostensible purpose of Love Your Body Day is laudable-to encourage acceptance of all body types, and raise awareness of anorexia and bulimia. But while no one is proposing a Loath Your Body Day, Love Your Body Day is problematic because while event sponsors fixate on eating disorders and thin models they overlook the far more common problem of obesity. And in a land of super-sized ambulances and toilets built to withstand up to 1,200 pounds, America’s obesity problem is well, big.

Arrah continues to bust myths like that thin models make us feel bad about ourselves. Read the whole piece here.