Some Democrats say that there is an “affordable housing crisis,” and they want the government to solve this “problem.” An article in the American Spectator notes:

“It’s not easy to oppose this. But such is the stigma that plagues conservatives, who also hate health care and peace. Democrats have long had the advantage on the rhetorical front in domestic politics. Now that they are back in power, they are exploiting this advantage at all costs — to the taxpayers. ‘It has been 17 years since the federal government last enacted a major affordable housing production program,” said Mrs. Waters. ‘The time has long since passed to enact another one.’…

“This perfectly encapsulates the Democratic mode of thinking: Expand first, explain later. Democrats know the solution before most people know there’s a problem. In fact, their answer is what leads them to the question. (‘Subsidized housing is urgently needed. Why? Oh, because there’s an affordable housing crisis. Good, now we can start building people homes.’)”

We’ve been hearing about an “affordable housing crisis” for years regarding the homeless-though in many cases it is their habits that put them on the street. Many lack the discipline to hold down a job and pay for a place to live. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, people who have lost a job through sickness, people who suffer from mental conditions. But in both cases it’s limited aid (what used to be called charity) and not long-term entitlements that will help them find their way to a better life.

But I am assuming that this bill is for the poor. Maybe it’s son of S-CHIP, a housing program to pull more middle-class people into the government’s web? At any rate, the government’s record with building houses is not a roaring success.