I don’t know about you, but I was thrilled when the French president responded to a question about his troubled marriage (from Leslie Stahl) by leaving the set and calling the interview “stupid.” Way to go, Sarko!

But the French had been uninterested in Ms. Sarko even before the couple divorced. Anne Applebaum notes:

“By contrast, Americans appear to care very deeply about their president’s spouse and family. This is a quality we share with developing countries such as Argentina — which just elected its former first lady to the presidency — and it gets worse with every electoral cycle. Paying homage to the American public’s interest in their husbands’ personal affairs, five of our many would-be first ladies even appeared together last week for a ‘ debate,’ which former journalist Maria Shriver, herself the wife of a prominent California politician, declared a landmark event: ‘Never before in the history of our country,’ she said, ‘have the spouses . . . gathered together to talk about their lives’ — as if this were some sort of positive development.”

Meanwhile, a piece in the American Thinker refutes Hillary Clinton’s pollster’s claim that nearly a fourth of GOP women will vote for Clinton because she is a woman.