Seems ghosties and ghoulies be being replaced by naughty nurses and vamps in some quarters. Here is a report from a Canadian newspaper:   

“This year, there are more risqué costume options for girls than in previous years, retailers say. In addition to the ‘classic’ sexy genre of French maid, nurse and cop, trashy ‘Paris in Jail’ costumes and even a naughty schoolgirl version of Harry Potter‘s Hermione are competing for favour.

“Manufacturers are accommodating the new reality, says costume retailer Stephane Abbat of Toronto’s It’s My Party store: Hence the wide availability of ‘extra-small’ sizes in eye-popping styles that are seeing the light of day in high-school hallways.

“But with the trend even more pronounced at Halloween, some girls such as Ms. Ali are saying enough is enough, and are even getting together to shop and create costumes of a different nature.Among one group of Toronto girls who gathered to make costumes before a Halloween party on the weekend, some viewed the “sexy” issue as a deal breaker when it comes to school friendships.

“‘None of us can stand the girls who turn up in nothing!’ one teen said as she plotted her ensemble.”

Have a happy Halloween-but try not to be too X-rated!