Carol Platt Liebau is a terrific writer. She has a new book out, which I got yesterday and will write about soon. Meanwhile, here is an itemon Carol’s book from Powerline:

Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (and America, Too!)is an in-depth look at the forces telling young women that being sexy trumps intelligence and character every time. For those who aren’t aware of just how sexualized teen-oriented fashion, reading, movies, television and music have become and why, it’s a wake-up call. For parents who want their daughters to understand the physical, emotional and psychological dangers of giving too much, too soon, it puts all the facts at their fingertips. And for anyone who cares about the impact that teen sexuality has on America’s economic and social life — and believes it’s time for a more wholesome teen culture — it’s a call to arms.

Powerline also quotes Hugh Hewitt on Carol’s book: “This is the rarest of books — one that could save a life.”