Harvard recently sponsored a Title IX discussion featuring academics that support the law and others who have problems with it.  Before you get excited, I should explain that those who took issue with Title IX, did so not because Title IX’s strict gender quotas have been used as a weapon to limit male athletic participation, but because it has reinforced “sex segregation”:

“Right from the very, very beginning of the implementation of Title IX there was a remarkable and, I think, pernicious [tacit] permission to allow sex segregation in contact sports” like football and wrestling, said [Eileen L.] McDonagh.

Another academic involved in the discussion, Susan Ware, added:

“This segregation in sports makes us blind to how much men and women have in common. … [It’s] reinforcing one of the last places where you can really say, ‘All right, men are stronger and more important than women.’ … If we can encourage … a more gender-neutral approach to sports, you can’t say those things anymore.”

Never mind, of course, that Title IX enforcement has decimated the sports where men and women actually do compete together-like track, swimming and tennis, for example.  

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