IWF recently highlighted the shenanigans that often come along with sexual harassment policies on campus.  Two news stories today, indicate similar problems exist on the K-12 level. 

First, from Illinois:

A 13-year-old junior high school student was given two days of detention after school officials spotted her hugging friends after school last Friday.

Megan Coulter, an eighth-grade student at Mascoutah Middle School, was hugging her friends goodbye after school Friday when vice principal, Randy Blakely, saw her and told her she would receive two after-school detentions.

Then, from Alabama:

The debate of public displays of affection in school is hitting home in Alabama. The mother of a student in Autauga County says her daughter was disciplined for simply hugging a friend….

She says the hug wasn’t meant to be sexual. She says her daughter was consoling a male friend who recently lost a parent.

The goal of a harassment policy isn’t to be the hug police, it is to stop legitimate harassment.  When schools include activities such as hugging in these policies, they are trivializing harassment and doing a disservice to their students.