Don’t miss the latest installment of Charlotte’s Web by IWF’s Charlotte Hays.  This week’s topic is carbon offsets.  Here’s a snippet:

A bureaucrat in Washington has decided to spend $89,000 of your tax dollars to make himself and like-minded souls on Capitol Hill feel better. The chief administrative officer of the U.S. House of Representatives is purchasing carbon credits for the U.S. Capitol.

Daniel Beard, the administrator, is making his purchase from the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), a financial institution favored with a celebratory visit from Al Gore shortly after the former vice president and climate activist won his Nobel Prize.

As government spending goes, this is a pittance. But it is taxpayer revenue that is being spent on behalf of a dubious, but oh-so-politically correct, cause. This expenditure doesn’t make me see green-it makes me see red.

Read the whole thing here.