One of the favorite themes of the liberal media is that veterans of recent U.S. wars return so damaged as to have ruined lives. The crazed vet became a favorite of the media during the unpopular Vietnam War. The trend continues with the unpopular Iraq war. The latest entry seems to be a CBS report of a “stunning” hidden suicide epidemic among veterans of the Iraq war.

Ace researcher Michael Fumento, who examines the numbers, says that “somebody isn’t telling the truth. And the evidence is overwhelming that it’s CBS.” Fumento has done a fascinating job with the statistics:

“Most of the airtime went for heart-rending interviews with wives of vets who had killed themselves. But CBS also provided statistics that it said showed that “veterans were more than twice as likely to commit suicide in 2005 than non-vets.”

“Problem is, we have absolutely no way of verifying the CBS data nor how the network claims it collected the info. CBS News admits to collecting the data itself, rather than relying on an independent outside party. It also concedes its rate is ‘much higher’ than that in an uncompleted Department of Veterans Affairs study.”