Over on the IWF Campus Corner, former IWF Junior Fellow Arrah Nielsen takes on the PC obsession with Thanksgiving: 

It seems you can’t even celebrate Thanksgiving anymore without offending someone. Protests are raised annually to what most people consider a day of turkey, family, and football.  Each year around this season, there’s the National Day of Mourning Activities held on Plymouth Rock to protest the perceived racism and oppression that still exists for Native peoples.  Campus multicultural resource centers routinely host events such as “Thanks-taking: Thanksgiving through indigenous eyes.”  My personal favorite are the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activists who don turkey costumes to demonstrate the cruelty of turkey eating.

These “pied pipers of political correctness,” as author Thomas Sowell puts it, are not merely eccentric, they are wrong and do historical accuracy a real disservice.  The view that Thanksgiving is really a celebration of genocide and oppression of Native Americans is simply false.  There are many ways to promote better race relations: Dredging up resentment for grievances that are over 300 years old is not one of them.

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