I appreciate and share Charlotte’s enthusiasm for the Iowa caucuses.  It has been nothing if not fascinating political sport. 

I agree though that it has been a bit frustrating to see the rationale used to support some candidates and to dismiss others.  It seems very bizarre for so many (especially conservatives) to discard Fred Thompson because he isn’t a rabid campaigner and can imagine life even if his candidacy fails.  Doesn’t anyone else think it is extremely refreshing to have a candidate that isn’t obsessively power hungry?  It has seemed clear to me that Senator Thompson is the most committed to true conservative principles–especially to the concept of a limited government–of the pack.  I have been surprised that so many people have written him off, as if it is as important a qualification for the presidency to love attending dry campaign events than it is to have a demonstrated commitment to low taxes.

The media always claims to want a high-minded discussion of policy issues from candidates, instead of just personal attacks and panderings.  Senator Thompson’s 17 minute video seemed to me an example of how campaigns should be conducted.  This is the kind of seriousness that should be expected from all candidates.