A Policy Summit Hosted by the Independent Women’s Forum

“What does America need to do to succeed in the global economy?”  This event will highlight some of the most important policy issues affecting the U.S. economy-from globalization and free trade to our tax code and health and retirement programs, to our educational system and regulatory environment.  Panelists will identify the key challenges facing our nation and propose sensible, market-oriented policies to enhance U.S. competitiveness in the global economy. Particular attention will be paid to the effects of the emergence of China as a global economic force. US Trade Representative, Ambassador Susan C. Schwab, will be the keynote luncheon speaker. Luncheon provided courtesy of IWF.

Panel topics will include:

  • Modernizing the Economy for a New Era
  • Ensuring U.S. Leadership in Innovation

Video 1:

Panel 1:  Modernizing our Economy for a New Era:  Republicans and Democrats agree:  The United States needs to modernize the major pillars of our economy – including the tax code, regulation, healthcare, and retirement security – to ensure the U.S. succeeds in a competitive global economy.  Each panelist will speak for 5 minutes on one of these broad issues, followed by moderator questions, audience comments and Q&A.  

Video 2:

Panel 2:  Ensuring U.S. Leadership in Innovation:  This panel will address how to improve U.S. economic competitiveness, covering such topics as education for science, technology, engineering and math; R&D and commercialization of new technologies; incentives for long-term investment; and competitive threats from countries like China and India. 

Moderator:  Brenda Buttner 


•         Stephen Moore, The Wall Street Journal

•         Elaine Kamarck, Harvard University

•         Karen Tandy, SVP of Government Affairs, Motorola

·         Angela Antonelli, Director, Federal Strategy and Operations, 

          Deloitte Consulting LLP

·         The Honorable John Engler, President & CEO, National Association of

          Manufacturers (NAM)

Video 3:

Luncheon and Keynote Remarks

Ambassador Susan Schwab, US Trade Representative