The NCAA announced this week that women athletes in Division III will not be allowed to practice with men, except in strictly limited circumstances.  The Chronicle of Higher Education has the details:

The NCAA’s Division III voted [Jan. 14] to limit male players in women’s sports, narrowly passing a proposal that would restrict their use to one practice per week. The number of players that coaches can use will also now be limited to half the number of a starting squad in a sport.

Coaches who use male practice players say they do so to allow women to practice against players who are stronger and faster, and to augment a small squad when players are absent. But some athletics officials say it takes away opportunities from female players and implies that the only way to improve is to practice against men.

Men and women helping each other and respecting one another as teammates?  Can’t have that!  

(For background on the controversy over male practice players, read this old article from USA Today.)