Over on the left-hand menu, you’ll note a new button for “Women for School Choice” which is the latest IWF project.  Here’s all the info:

No issue is more important to our country’s future than the education of the next generation.  Unfortunately, America’s public education system does not do justice to the promise of our youth.  Too many schools provide a substandard education, leaving children-particularly those in urban areas who are disproportionately low-income-without the skills necessary to participate in the modern workforce and society. 

Across the country, there is increasingly widespread recognition that the top-down, one-size fits all approach to K-12 schooling has failed.  The school choice movement is working to incrementally build support for school choice and expand school choice programs around the country.  Recent successes include the creation of the first universal voucher in Utah, the District of Columbia voucher program, Arizona’s adoption of a voucher program for foster children as well as an expanded corporate tax credit program to fund scholarship programs to low-income children, and the embrace of the concept of school choice by a growing number of lawmakers.  

Women for School Choice, a project of the Independent Women’s Forum, focuses on building support for school choice specifically among women, educating the public about the benefits of school choice, and demonstrating the broad support that the concept of school choice has among women across the country.  IWF engages in important research about the benefits of school choice, with a particular emphasis on the impact on women and families. 

IWF is committed to advancing policies that promise to give children the opportunity to have quality educations.  Learn more about school choice and sign up to voice your support of the idea of giving parents more choices and more control over their children’s education.

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