No, not those strippers.

On Sunday, Duke University hosted a performance of the Sex Workers’ Art Show, featuring, among other things, strippers. Jay Schalin has a full report over at the Pope Center:

You would think Duke University might be a little cautious about paying strippers to perform on campus. After all, there was that little incident that happened about two years ago — something to do with a couple of strippers and some lacrosse players.

But inviting strippers to perform does not appear to be a problem as long as the intent is not to titillate men, but to shock a mixed audience with vulgarity and disparage mainstream American values. In the latter case, the university is quite willing to pay, despite a regulation reintroduced into the Bulletin of Information and Regulations after the lacrosse case that explicitly states “strippers may not be invited or paid to perform at events sponsored by individual students, residential living groups, or cohesive units.”

More here.

(Flashback: here’s my 2006 commentary on the Sex Workers’ Art Show at my alma mater, Bucknell University)