9:15 AM Update: Huckabee is on stage now, kicking off the last day of CPAC.  The booths will be closing up soon, but the speakers go til 5:30 PM.  On the schedule for today are: Gov. Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Tony Snow, and a slew of panel discussions, including one of energy policy featuring IWF’s Carrie Lukas.

9:30 AM Update: My bloggers’ row compatriots tell me that last night’s screening of Ben Stein’s new movie Expelled was a blast.  In other movie news, I’m thrilled to have picked up a copy of The Singing Revolution at CPAC.  I’ve been looking forward to this film for awhile.  It chronicles the importance of music as Estonians sought to free themselves from Soviet occupation.  I’m also happy to have picked up a DVD of the Acton Institute’s fabulous movie, The Call of the Entrepreneur.  I had the pleasure of seeing the movie in the fall at the Liberty film festival in D.C.  It’s a real treat and makes a compelling case for capitalism and the importance of entrepreneurship.

9:57 AM Update: What’s that delightful sound?  I hear Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” playing faintly in the background.  It appears to be coming from the Slatecard.com booth.  Journey makes everything better.

10:05 AM Update: Where is everyone?  Bloggers’ row is pretty empty this morning.  Looks like people are sleeping in today.  They are missing an interesting panel on the role of religion in politics featuring Martha Zoller, Mike Adams, and Reason magazine’s Matt Welch.

10:37 AM Update: Here are some excerpts from President Bush’s CPAC speech yesterday, courtesy of The Corner.

11:00 AM Update: In all the excitement of the conference, it’s easy to forget that there is caucus/primary action to follow today.  Here’s a site to follow today’s results (I’m a sucker for interactive maps).

11:06 AM Update: Joy.  Charlotte Hays has arrived.

11:40 AM Update: Charlotte is a magnet for fun people.  Jack and Charmaine Yoest and Congressman Colberson and his wife Belinda just stopped by bloggers’ row.  Now we’re faced with the longest line for a book signing I’ve seen all weekend.  The line to meet Newt Gingrich has wrapped all the way back to bloggers’ row.  The average age of people in the line is pretty young.

12:00 PM Update: IWF’s Carrie Lukas just finished moderating the “Politics of Energy and Environment: Monumental Challenges and Monumental Myths.”  IWF visiting fellow Sandy Liddy Bourne was also featured on the panel.

12:10 PM Update: For those who don’t like the “Conservative Star Trek Convention” description, a friend offers “The Conservative Woodstock” and “The Conservative Mardi Gras” as alternate ways to describe the conference.

12:32 PM Update: Newt Gingrich just stopped by bloggers’ row!  He’s about five feet away at the moment, and coming my way.

1:00 PM Update:  First Newt Gingrich, now Amanda Carpenter. I’m getting all sorts of fun guests here on bloggers’ row. I love it.