Wendy Shalit is IWF’s latest member of that courageous band of women we call Women Who Make the World Better. Ms. Shalit had the courage to stand up and say some important things about the effects of the sexual revolution on young women. She knew a lot of people would think this wasn’t cool. But she did it anyway. Her bestselling new book, Girls Gone Mild: Young Women Reclaim Self-Respect and Find It’s Not Bad to Be Good, has been as controversial as her first, A Return to Modesty.  As a result of being fearless, Wendy is one of the coolest Women Who Makes the World Better we’ve ever met. She sat down with IWF at the Caribou Coffee near our office and talked about her new book, her website (ModestlyYours.net) and what inspired her, before flying home to Canada, where she now lives. We thank her for her public advocacy of a more humane attitude towards sexual behavior on campus.

Check out our interview with Wendy here.