Jenna Ashley Robinson of The Pope Center for Higher Education reports on the following activity at the University of North Carolina:

I was torn. The cookies at the Gender Gap Bake Sale looked delicious, and I could buy one for only 75 cents. That’s because I am a woman. Men had to pay $1 each. Trouble is, it would have violated my sense of justice; getting a cheaper cookie struck me as a handout or maybe a sly trick to get my consent to policies to raise women’s wages. I considered paying full price but I didn’t want to cause a scene. So I walked by.

The bake sale sponsored by the Women’s Center at UNC-Chapel Hill was designed to raise awareness about the discrepancy between women’s and men’s wages. In 2005, women in the United States earned about 77 percent of what men earned, on average.

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Trouble is, the premise of the bake sale is bunk, as explained here by IWF’s Carrie Lukas.  More IWF commentary on the wage gap is available here.