Earlier this week, former Howard University wrestling coach Wade Hughes had a fabulous article on theroot.com about Title IX at Historically Black Colleges and Universities:

I support the spirit of Title IX–that no one should be discriminated on the basis of gender. I think women should have the same opportunities to benefit from organized athletics. The truth is, as a seasoned coach I have learned to appreciate women’s athletics much more because of the apparent balance between athletic ability and technical preparation and execution.

What I take issue with is the unfair and unreasonable way that Title IX regulations have impacted opportunities for male athletes. The problem, in particular, is the method of compliance known as proportionality. This regulatory standard requires that the ratio of male to female athletes on varsity teams closely mirror the ratio of male to female student undergraduate enrollment.

The impact of Title IX’s proportionality standard has been disastrous, because at many colleges, far more males than females are seeking to take part in athletics.  Schools have been left with no choice but to eliminate men’s teams, and place limits on the numbers of male students on the programs that remain. Adding a team for male athletes is out of the question when a school is out of compliance with Title IX. For the student-athletes, the unintended consequences of Title IX enforcement have been devastating.

They have devoted young lifetimes to their sport, only to have their opportunity to compete diminish.

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