More evidence has come to light that calls global warming theories into question. In a fun article in the National Post, Lorne Gunter describes how bouys deep in the ocean have been providing temperature data that has disappointed the scientific community:

So why are some scientists now beginning to question the buoys’ findings? Because in five years, the little blighters have failed to detect any global warming. They are not reinforcing the scientific orthodoxy of the day, namely that man is causing the planet to warm dangerously. They are not proving the predetermined conclusions of their human masters. Therefore they, and not their masters’ hypotheses, must be wrong.

Those who use any heat wave to fan concerns that the Earth is quickly turning into an inferno are finding new ways to dismiss this inconvenient data:

A slight drop in the oceans’ temperature over a period of five or six years probably is insignificant, just as a warming over such a short period would be. Yet if there had been a rise of any kind, even of the same slightness, rest assured this would be broadcast far and wide as yet another log on the global warming fire.

Just look how tenaciously some scientists are prepared to cling to the climate change dogma. “It may be that we are in a period of less rapid warming,” Dr. Willis told NPR.

Yeah, you know, like when you put your car into reverse you are causing it to enter a period of less rapid forward motion. Or when I gain a few pounds I am in a period of less rapid weight loss.

The author doesn’t claim to know if global warming is actually happening, but questions the global warming orthodoxy. It seems to make sense that if we don’t know exactly what is happening, best not to embrace legislation with major economic costs such as are outlined here…