Over at National Review’s Phi Beta Cons blog, Candace de Russy provides an update on the University of Delaware’s controversial freshman indoctrination program:

The faculty has now issued its “new” guidelines, which, according to the Wilmington News-Journal, amount to the same old, same old, albeit with more faculty involvement. The faculty has not repudiated program content such as Shakti Butler’s definition of a racist as “all white people living in the United States” and her statement that “people of color cannot be racists.” Nor has it eliminated the ritual of coercing freshmen into baring their souls to busy-body dorm staff about when they first discovered their sexual identity. And, to add insult to injury, the faculty dared to snivel that Butler’s dicta should not have been posted on UD’s website in the first place – in the apparent belief that parents and others have no right to examine the program.

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