In Friday’s Wall Street Journal, author Donna Freitas shared some new polling stats on the hookup culture from her new book, Sex and the Soul:

After conducting a national college survey of over 2,500 students, I found that among those who reported “hooking up”–a range of sexually intimate acts, from kissing to intercourse, that occurs outside a committed relationship–at Catholic and nonreligious private and public colleges and universities, 41% are profoundly upset about their behavior.  The 22% of respondents who chose to describe a hook-up experience (the question was optional) used words like “dirty,” “used,” “regretful,” “empty,” “miserable,” “disgusted,” “ashamed,” “duped,” and “abused” in their answers.  An additional 23% expressed ambivalence about hooking up, and the remaining 36% were more or less “fine” with it.  And 45% of students at Catholic and 36% at nonreligious private and public schools say that their peers are too casual about sex.

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