In today’s Wall Street Journal Condoleezza Rice makes the case for the Congress to pass the Columbian Free Trade Agreement:

The fate of this agreement raises even larger questions: How does the U.S. treat its friends, especially when they are under pressure and attack? Will we remain engaged as a global leader or will we pull back unilaterally? Will we define our role in the world by confidence in our own principles or by capitulation to unfounded fears? The eyes of many nations, particularly those in our own hemisphere, are upon us, and let no one think that the choices we make will not echo around the globe.

For more than a decade, U.S. policy toward Colombia has clearly demonstrated that Republicans and Democrats can work together, elevate the national interest above partisan politics and sustain an effective strategy to achieve critical long-term goals. It is now time to write the next chapter in this venerable bipartisan story. We must approve this free trade agreement with Colombia – for the sake of both of our peoples’ success.

Can someone explain to me how those on the Left who always complain about the U.S. refusing to engage in the world or having a “go it alone” mentality can oppose this? Or those who say they are concerned about development in poor countries? It seems a huge lost opportunity if this fails to pass.