A major V-Day festival is coming to New Orleans this weekend. As Allison Kasic wrote on Townhall.com, while it is a wonderful thing to raise money to combat violence against women, V-Day carries with it alot of messages that aren’t helpful to women:

For starters, the play is extremely anti-male. Nearly all of the men featured in the play are despicable characters. The only “positive” male character is “Bob,” who enjoys staring at vaginas. It’s difficult to see how that is a redeeming quality, but in the context of the play he stands out as the most worthy male.

You might not be surprised that men are stereotyped, but women are too as they are constantly treated as sex objects. The plays message, after all, is that women’s path to empowerment is “embracing” their vaginas. They should aim to “be” their vaginas and discover themselves through sexual acts. The Monologues blatantly promote promiscuous behavior-a message that could be easily construed as socially irresponsible in an age where sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise among young people and women are especially vulnerable to STDs.

This is an important point. It is bizarre how some feminists and women’s studies course, while objecting in theory to women being “objectified” or to the over sexualization of our culture, also embrace the message that being liberated is all about sex.

There are better ways to raise awareness about the problem of violence against women.