So today the President will make a statement about global warming. We will wait and see until what he says, but in today’s Washington Times, Tony Blankley explains some of the dangers of the Administration embracing the global warming hype:

First of all, as Chris Horner, the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism,” shrewdly has pointed out, the Democrats desperately want Bush and the Republicans “to take ownership” of the global alarmists’ issues before he goes.

This is important. Whatever restraint likely to be exercised by the Democratic Party majority next year will be induced by the political fear that the Republicans would be able to say I told you so if the Democrats’ policies contract the economy and put yet more people out of work.

That will give them political cover for the entire program, which, whatever it may try to do regarding “global warming,” certainly will give governments and international organizations vastly more control over the United States economy.

This is a perfect backdrop for IWF’s event tonight on the outstanding book Scared to Death. We hope you can join us for this event and buy a copy of this book which will put global warming in the context of other scares.