IWF’s Carrie Lukas describes why Equal Pay Day has lost its relevance in today’s Baltimore Examiner. 

Political experts have just begun to analyze why Sen. Hillary Clinton, considered a shoo-in for her party’s nomination just a few months ago, lags behind Sen. Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries. Surely one factor has been that compared with the fresh-faced Illinois senator, Clinton seems like an anachronism. She may as well be wearing horn-rimmed glasses and bell bottoms as she attempts to rally the sisterhood to join her in the cause of electing the first female president.

The problem for Clinton is that most women today don’t think in terms of gender solidarity. Women take for granted our access to education and job opportunities. The steady march of women into positions of political power reassures most that, regardless of the fate of her candidacy, it’s only a matter of time before we have a woman in the Oval Office.