Longview, Washington’s Daily News rightfully gives a “thumbs down” to the Washington Education Association for rejecting a $13.2 million grant to improve AP classes:

That $13.2 million grant Washington state won last year to enhance the teaching of Advanced Placement courses in math and science is history. It’s lost because of the financial incentives it would have provided for teachers who improve test scores. The Washington Education Association didn’t much like the idea of tying teacher pay to student performance on exams. Neither did the teachers union like the involvement of an outside party, the grant provider, in teacher-pay decisions.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which provided $10 million for the grant, couldn’t understand why a compromise couldn’t be worked out. Other states receiving similar grants had teachers unions and found ways to accept the grant money, said foundation official Steve Seleznow. “Honestly, I can’t figure out why they couldn’t solve this.” Neither can we.

More commentary here.

Hat tip: Union Label