In the Wall Street Journal, Jeremy Haft points to some interesting statistics about America’s trade relationship with China:

U.S. exports to China will no doubt increase as a result of the earthquake, but China buying American is nothing new. Indeed, China is our third-largest export market behind Canada and Mexico. Few politicians talk about it, but 406 out of 435 Congressional districts have seen triple-digit export growth to China from 2000-2007. Those exports have created jobs and built value in local communities.

In fact, U.S. exports to China are growing five times faster than any other export market. This is less a function of the falling dollar and more of rising Chinese demand for U.S. products. Put simply, they need what we make – from chemicals and components to turbines and telecommunications, from drugs and medical devices to sewage and sanitation equipment. If a product requires modern technology and precise engineering, chances are, China needs it. Not to mention all the services and after-care required for set up and maintenance.

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