As the Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists vow continued attacks throughout Afghanistan to deter the international community’s support, Laura Bush’s visit to Afghanistan established a uniform call between the Afghan and American people to the international community that Afghanistan cannot be abandoned in the face of resurging terrorists.

Since 2001, Mrs. Bush has urged continued support for Afghan women. In her recent visit, she pledged $80 million for education programs in the country.

Mrs. Bush stated, “It’s more important than ever for the international community to continue to support Afghanistan – certainly for the U.S. to continue to support Afghanistan…”.

She continued, “It’s very important for the international community to redouble their efforts so that the word gets out to the people of Afghanistan that the rest of the world is with you and that we’re not going to leave you right now while the Taliban and al-Qaeda are trying to intimidate you.” 

The New York Times reported on her visit, saying:

Mrs. Bush’s visit was a demonstration of support for Mr. Karzai and his government as it prepared to ask for about $50 billion in pledges of assistance from international donors at the conference this week. Mrs. Bush said she would attend the conference.

As Afghanistan continues to make slow strides, it’s great to see that Mrs. Bush displayed her commitment to the Afghan people, particularly to women and girls.  Her visit to Mrs. Habiba Sorabi, Afghanistan’s first female governor was a reminder that this would never have occurred when the Taliban were ruling, but with continued international support, Afghanistan and its women will prosper.